Enter Tara Duncan’s CG animated series being produced right now to empower the brand. Enter a state of the art European Animation Studio gathering the most modern facilities, the most talented artists and the best production teams from the major animation companies around the world, and with a never seen before over the top quality.

TARA DUNCAN & The Spellbinders is a 52x13min animated series, targetting boys and girl from 5 to 9 years old, and aiming to be delivered in September 2021, for launching.

Tara Duncan - teaser

Tara Duncan” is a  magical 3D urban-fantasy & comedy adventure series, set in a magical world based on the best-selling book series of the same name, published in 27 countries and translated in 18 langages.

The series follows the extraordinary adventures of Tara Duncan, an eleven-year-old girl with magical powers.

All episodes take place in Otherworld, either in the Imperial Palace, in Tingal City, or to discover a new part of the rich and unique environment of Otherworld, to the encounter of its inhabitants, centaurs, mermaids, tree fairies, dwarfs, amongst others… and some villains too!

Tara has been raised on Earth, but now that her too forceful magic has awakened, she has to go to OtherWorld to tame her power, and help her aunt, the MeMe’s Empress, to protect the Empire against the evil forces.

The real reason why she agreed to come to OtherWorld is to try to cure her grandfather who accidentally turned himself into a dog.

But the Evil Magister, Master of the fierce bloodgraves, is seeking after Tara, to steal her power and become the most powerful spellbinder ever. If Tara were to fall into Magister’s hands, he would have enough power to conquer not only OtherWorld, but the Earth as well!

On her quest to defeat Magister, Tara is joined by her grand-father, Lord Mani Duncan, (who turned himself into a dog), her mentor, the blue dragon Master Chem, and four OtherWorldians, Caliban Dal Salan the Spotter, Robin Mangil the half-elf, Gloria “Sparrow” Daavil, The Beast of Lowcospeed (descendant of the Beauty and the Beast),and, occasionally, by Fafnir Fireforge the warrior dwarf. They will share her adventures and become her loyal friends.