Next Step for Princess SAM Pictures is to bring Tara Duncan live through a box office movie production.
Box office movies will be produced in future princess SAM studios, the largest ones in Europe.


On Earth, in a charming Manor, near to a forest, Tara Duncan is sleeping when a spirit passed through the windows to warn her. It’s her mother, the beautiful Selena. She has been kidnapped 10 years before, by Magister, the Master of the terrible Bloodgraves. Today, Magister decided to increase his collection of spellbinders, in kidnapping Tara Duncan. Protected by her great-grandfather who is trapped in the body of a handsome Labrador retriever, and the intimidating dragon-wizard Master Chem , High Mage of the Council of the Wise-Tara escapes through a supernatural passageway to OtherWorld, the planet of her birth.

There, she finds refuge in the magnificent empire of Omois, where spellbinders and their eager apprentices keep animal-familiars, and mingle with elves, dwarves, dragons, unicorns, and countless remarkable creatures.

Tara finds loyal friends in this strange world, including Caliban (Cal) the entertaining apprentice master thief, Sparrow, a beautiful princess who can turn herself into a terrifying beast at will, Robin, a heart-melting half-elf who can run and shoot arrows faster than anyone, and her old pal Fabrice, who has been sent to OtherWorld to develop his own budding magical abilities.

But the target of Tara is to deliver her mother, Selena, held captive in the mysterious Gray Fortress by Magister, whose goal for years has been to capture Tara and use her great powers for his own diabolical purposes, Tara sets out with her friends to rescue her mother, along with a number of young spellbinders that the Bloodgraves have imprisoned.

Will Tara be strong enough to match forces against her deadly enemy? As she discovers more about her remarkable heritage (her father was the emperor of the vast empire of Omois, but hide it even to her mother) she will need all of her strength and intelligence, as well as the help of her fiercely loyal friends and family, to overpower the diabolical Magister and his band of dark Bloodgraves.